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Wednesday, March 13, 2013

US based sales agent or Representative.

Your company might be looking for a US based sales agent or Representative.
We  can provide you US base which includes
  1. US contact person with US address where we will receive mail, screen it and send right one after scanning as digital docs via efax (you receive docs in your email).
  2. Person who can attend fits/technical sessions /approvals (local in NJ/NY). If outside of Nj/NY then we  will have a rep work for you, whom we will pay and train.
  3. Coordinate submissions
  4. Can provide US fax/email/ and calls in/out support 24/7
  5. Meeting and sourcing new buyers
  6. Attending and finding new buyers via expos

For point 1 to 4..
We  can provide you all above @ fixed cost of $99 per month for NY/NJ and $199 for outside NJ/NY plus actual expenses that might happen, as and when we have to travel in-between cities to meet buyers from NJ base or attend fittings. We will use credit card so expense report will go out without any surprise.Say if we have to go to NewYork , then it will cost somewhere like $40 per day which will include transportation, coffee/tea etc for full one day..apart of paying fixed salary of $99 per monthand if your buyer is in TEXAS, then it will cost you $199 per month and actual expenses for person whom we will train, hire, pay salary and induct in team..We  will cover all phone bills/faxes/ at our cost, which includes local, US and International calls (we will use Skype fixed cost feature) and eFax that allows cost savings.

    For point 5 and 6..
    We will charge 4% commission on buyers found and sourced by us.. 
    On each and every sale that happens with or without us in team (say you decide to go on your own with buyer) on all buyers that we or our team will get for your business, from USA .
    • For this, you have to give us a signed contract letter, naming our company ' INC' as official REP.
    • Have to provide us samples that we can pass to my REP TEAM.
    If interested then please call  , so we can discuss

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